AWS Loft Gameday

So today it finally happened… AWS Gameday came to London and what an awesome time it was! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had signed up for a session. And how epic it was today! I ended up getting to Old Street station way too early so I did a little rambling through Shoreditch where I ended up having breakfast. It was about half past 8 and the doors opened at 9AM. The loft this year was based out of White Rabbit Studio/Cafe. The signs weren’t totally obvious on where I needed to be but a little sign saying “AWS this way” eventually got me to where I needed to be.
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AWS Loft

So today I got a nice little nudge from a friend of mine at AWS who reminded me that the AWS Loft sessions are going to be in London soon.. Has it been a year already ? Basically, the AWS Loft is a place for the cloud types to go and hang out, have a coffee (or tea if you are into that kind of thing) have a chin wag with an SA and/or join in a session to get more hands-on with AWS

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