AWS Loft Gameday

So today it finally happened… AWS Gameday came to London and what an awesome time it was! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had signed up for a session. And how epic it was today! I ended up getting to Old Street station way too early so I did a little rambling through Shoreditch where I ended up having breakfast. It was about half past 8 and the doors opened at 9AM. The loft this year was based out of White Rabbit Studio/Cafe. The signs weren’t totally obvious on where I needed to be but a little sign saying “AWS this way” eventually got me to where I needed to be.
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AWS Hardening

Over the last couple of years I have been involved with over 20 AWS deployments during various stages and the first thing that I always do is enable a couple of the key AWS services. Most people would probably turn these on for application monitoring but these are tools that can also be used to “soft harden” an AWS environment. This is not the holy grail of security but it’s good to get into the habit of turning these on and using them. Before I set things up to turn these on, I run through a checklist of what needs to be done:

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AWS EC2 Container Services Octopus Deploy

Octopus takes over where your Continuous Integration server and other devops tools end, enabling you to easily automate even the most complicated application deployments, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

AWS provides a v2 image registry and is available through their EC2 Container Serivice offering.

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AWS Loft

So today I got a nice little nudge from a friend of mine at AWS who reminded me that the AWS Loft sessions are going to be in London soon.. Has it been a year already ? Basically, the AWS Loft is a place for the cloud types to go and hang out, have a coffee (or tea if you are into that kind of thing) have a chin wag with an SA and/or join in a session to get more hands-on with AWS

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