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So today I got a nice little nudge from a friend of mine at AWS who reminded me that the AWS Loft sessions are going to be in London soon.. Has it been a year already ? Basically, the AWS Loft is a place for the cloud types to go and hang out, have a coffee (or tea if you are into that kind of thing) have a chin wag with an SA and/or join in a session to get more hands-on with AWS


This is how Amazon describes it:

“The AWS Pop-Up Loft | London is a temporary events & community space where you can access AWS technical training, enjoy the co-working facilities, book one-to-one support with AWS experts and get free coffee and access to wi-fi.

Located in the heart of London’s Tech City, the AWS Loft will host a packed programme of sessions covering a range of topics including IoT, Mobile, Big Data, HPC and Security, to name a few. New to this year’s edition, we will have AWS Support professionals on hand to provide you with the tools and guidance you need.”

This year Im fairly lucky to have been able to book in a couple of early bootcamp style workshops which are AWS GameDay and AWS Community, Im super excited to be going to GameDay, I wanted to do this last year but didnt quite make the cut.


What is Gameday? Gameday is a scenario based hands-on workshop designed to improve your DevOps skills in the AWS cloud. Participants are grouped into skill-balanced teams, given an orientation to the company by the elusive founder and set loose on a working, but non-optimal infrastructure. As the unicorn rental business grows, your team will be presented with new challenges and bigger traffic loads while trying to keeps users happy and costs low. This sounds like awesome fun and something I cant wait to do.

There is also another reason to head to the loft and that is for the 30-min, 1:1 session with an AWS Solutions Architect. Spending half and hour with an SA lets you focus in on different aspects of the AWS platform, whether it’s cost optimisation, services, features or anything else that is AWS-related.



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